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Destiny Cards

Little Known Facts About Playing Card

Most people know what their astrological sun sign is, but very few know what their Birth Card is. It is a little known fact that our common playing cards are part of an ancient system of self understanding that is in many ways superior to Astrology and Numerology. A system that you can use to further your understanding of yourself and to make incredibly accurate predictions about what will happen in your personal future.

The following article will introduce you to your Personal Birth Card and tell you a little about what it means. Discover another powerful and insightful way to look at yourself.

First find Your Birth Card

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Then come back here to
continue your journey to self discovery.

The first significant thing about your birth card is the number of the card. Your number reveals much about your basic nature. It has a positive and negative manifestation that you can access at any time. Read the descriptions carefully and discover more about yourself, your friends, and your family.

If your Birth Card is a(an):

Ace (one): You are a leader, an initiator and a person with strong passions for those things represented by your suit. You can be a loaner and are often impatient.

Two: Relationships and cooperation are essential in your soul pattern. You need partners and relationships to make you feel complete and balanced.

Three: You are extremely creative and love self-expression. You dislike routine and need a certain amount of variety. You like short trips. You express yourself best through the suite of your card and can be indecisive at times. You get bored easily.

Four: You are solid and grounded. You have a certain amount of satisfaction in your life, especially related to your suit. You are strong and sometimes fixed and stubborn.

Five: You are a restless person and like changes, especially changes in whatever is represented by your suit. You enjoy travel and may have trouble sinking roots or maintaining commitments. You want to experience everything that life has to offer, especially in the realms represented by your suit.

SIX: You like things to basically remain as they are. You are not easily swayed or moved. You are either very responsible or are learning about responsibility related to your suit. You know the law. What you give is what you get. You are a peacemaker.

Seven: You are basically a spiritual person, or will be a spiritual person. You get more from giving to others than receiving and could do great things in that regard. You can be very lucky, though attachments to the things represented by your suit may prove challenging at times. You are often inspired.

Eight: You are a person of power, especially in your suit. You know you have this power and have a great responsibility to use it wisely. Be careful not to bully others around with it. You can get your way most of the time.

Nine: You are a universal person, one who can do lots of good for humanity, or at least large groups of people. You are a giver. You are in this life to complete many things and some of these completions may at times, seem like losses.

Ten: You are a person of personal accomplishment and will be applauded by many for your work. You tend to overdo things in your life, especially related to your suit. You are ambitious like the Ace and you have more experience to turn your impatience into success.

Jack: You are youthful and creative and a member of the royal family. You are very smart and powerful and you like to play. Sometimes you can be immature and tricky.

Queen: You are a master over the things represented by your suit and you use them for service. You are a mother and are here to nurture and help your children (in many forms).

King: You are the master over your suit and demand recognition from others. You live by your own rules and combine the power of the eight (8) with your wisdom for success in the areas ruled by your suit. You are a leader and can take on much responsibility.

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Similarly, the suit of your birth card gives us the rest of the story. It tells us specifically what kind of things are most important to you and how the number of your card manifests in your life. Combine the number of your card with the suit to get a more complete picture of your personality, as described by this ancient system.

If your Birth Card is a:

Heart: Your relationships and the people in your life are extremely important to you and are the arena where you learn about life. You love children and retain your youthfulness even into old age.

Club: Your life is more about knowledge, communications, sharing of ideas, learning and teaching. You are big on detail and concepts. You know that thoughts are things. You can overcome emotional problems through adherence and application of the truth.

Diamond: You are here to learn all about values and money. You want to know what everything is worth. You are interested in and usually good at business and financial matters, though you may often spend beyond your means.

Spade: The most important areas for you are work, health, and in many cases, spirituality. Spades are all hard workers and must learn to balance their careers and work with their spirituality, which will balance out their whole life. You are mature, powerful and wise. You relate well to older people.


Who are your Past Life Cards?

There are two other aspects of this system that are valuable and interesting. One is how you can do Relationship Comparisons and readings. Most cards are strongly related to other cards in ways that can reveal to the real, but often hidden dynamic of what is going on between you and someone else. For example, those whose card either precedes yours or follows yours, in the natural order, are considered your Past-Life Cards, people with whom you have strong past-life connections and who you may have recognized as such at your first meeting. For example, if your Birth Card is the 7 of Diamonds, your past-life cards are the 6 and 8 of Diamonds. The natural order is always from Ace to King, beginning with the Hearts, then Clubs, Diamonds and spades. There are many more interesting things to learn about yourself and your love life using this system. Love Cards provides a complete system for finding everything you want to know.

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An Introduction to

Your Karma Cards

Throughout this document you will find references to Karma Cards. Each card in the deck, except the Joker, has at least two Karma Cards. A Karma Card has two functions that you should understand so that you can benefit from knowing more about them and what they mean to you.

1. The first function of a Karma Card is that it represents people with whom you have karmic bonds. This means that when you meet someone who is one of your Karma Cards, it is highly likely that one of you has some debt to be paid to the other. In 45 of the cards, we know which card owes which because there is a method we use that distinguishes which way the energy is flowing between them. In the case of the remaining seven cards, we have no way of knowing about the direction of the exchange. These seven cards are in a special family of their own. They are the King of Spades, Eight of Clubs, Jack of Hearts, Two of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Nine of Hearts and Seven of Diamonds. For one reason or another, we often find people of these cards hanging out together.

The karmic debts between cards may be of any kind, financial, emotional, or otherwise. When we meet someone who is our Karma Card, typically the relationship will go really well or really badly. In most cases, the deciding factor is whether or not one or both of the parties are willing to make the implied exchange. If you think the direction is wrong between your card and your Karma Card, this is probably a relationship that is difficult and the reason may be that you are not allowing the exchange to happen.

2. The second function of a Karma Card is that our Karma Cards often represent other aspects of our own personality. Our first Karma Card, especially, is a mirror of certain parts of us, sometimes parts that we have hidden or repressed. Therefore, when we meet someone who is our Karma Card, we are looking into a mirror. This person will mirror back to us certain ways of being that are inherently within us. If we do not like what we see in them, it is because we haven't learned to accept that part of our own personality. This is another reason why Karma Card relationships can be so intense sometimes.

There are other connections between Birth Cards that are very significant in the nature of the relationship. What we have presented here is just a glimpse of one of the more important connections, the Karma Card connection. If you want to learn more about the other 47 connections that exist between Birth Cards and want to be able to do a thorough and accurate relationship reading, order a report or purchase the programs that generate these reports.


A Destiny Cards Report can be used to further your understanding of yourself and to make incredibly accurate predictions about what will happen in your personal future.

The accuracy of these reports becomes very evident when comparing the past portion of the report with the actual facts of your past. For example if your birthday is May 8, your report will be for one year ( from May 8 to May 8). If you get your report sometime in September, you would be able to see the uncanny accuracy of the past few months as well as having a glimpse of things to come.

Would you have done things differently if you had seen your destiny report and had some indication of things to come?

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Discover Your Destiny
An Interactive Program in eBook form.

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  1. Look up any card and it's meaning.
  2. Find anyone's Birth Card and what it means.
  3. Enter person's name at the top of the page (or not).
  4. Print any page individually (with or without person's name at the top) for yourself, your friends, family, business associates or anyone with a birthday : )
  5. Find anyone's Karma Cards and what they mean.
  6. Find what other birthdays share your Karma Cards.
  7. Find what other birthdays share your Birth Card.
  8. Works On or Off-line.
  9. Compare Birth Card descriptions for compatibility with loved ones, friends, or associates.
  10. An excellent study guide and companion to the book Destiny Cards by Robert Camp and the book Love Cards by Robert Camp.
  11. Fits on a floppy disk
  12. Free updates as new features are added.
  13. Find out who are your Past Life Cards.
  14. Share program with your friends

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